Nepal’s First Bitcoin Company and Digital Assets Exchange, has announced its CLOSURE NOTICE on 7th of October, 2017.

On it’s official website, you can see the closure notice of bitsewa. After Nepal Rastra Bank, Central Bank of Nepal stated that buying ans selling of BitCoin in Nepal is Illegal, Bitsewa Team announced to shutdown their service.
They have plans to return the funds that their customers’ have invested in Bitcoin. A detailed information about the shutdown of bitsewa service was posted in their official facebook page:
Impact of Bitcoin seems to be noticeable here in Nepal. Earlier I had no idea that our Government was aware about Bitcoin and any of the Cruptocurrencies issue trending online. But then I saw Nepal rastra Banks notice about BitCoin. And I also came to know 7 people were nabbed for doing Bitcoin Business. And now I knew there existed a company which was dedicated for Bitcoin Trading in Nepal. And just recently it got shutdown too.
Seems like we will get to hear more news regarding Bitcoin in Nepal. I am curious if there are any Bitcoin Miners and Researchers who are following the CryptoTrend ?
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