Are you also following Bitcoin Share Value like me? Watching the numbers fluctuating in these graphs surprises me very often. With a man or a anonymous group Satoshi Nakamoto‘s idea many things have changed in past couple of years and many changes are yet to come.
On this blog I will share you the ways to add different widgets of Bitcoins that are made available from
Source: is the one and only verified source to get information about Bitcoin. You can get any information  about BlockChain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin from here. has made widgets available for us to embed it on our website.

Currently there are following widgets available:
  • Price Chart Widget

  • Active Forum Topics Widget

  • News Stories Widget

  • News Ticker Widget

  • Simple Price Widget

  • Mining Pool Hash Rate

And here are two simple steps to embed them:
  • On your site’s template add a HTML division tag for any of the above widget you want to add.
  • Copy the script mentioned below and paste it on your template.
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