Eight days’ program for better digital version of yourself
Eight days’ program for better digital version of yourself 
We are submerged with devices that holds a lot of data we shared and we are sharing. I don’t have glass in view of what my data does and who holds the power using my data, Then I found Data Detox.
Detoxification: Process of removing toxic substance or qualities and 
data: facts/qualities. So Data Detox is process of tidying up my data’s.
At First, it looks like: 8 days long, being good internet users online course but my bad, it is more than a course: It is more about exploring and cleaning my digital/virtual life and same time enjoying my digital life.
*Info About the Program: *
Name: Data Detox Kit
Designed by: (Nonprofit groups) Mozilla and the Tactical Technology Collective 
Version: (First version) 2016 produced for Glass Room London [more about Glass Room Landon]
Eight days’ program:
It takes just 5-10 minutes of your day to complete a day data detox program.
Perplexed by the name only, I decided to give a go, which can be done by you also. [Data Detox ].
After completing my 8 days course here is what I found out.

Credits: Icons: Dana Zimmerling Illustrations: Ramón Paris /Mozilla/Tactical Technology Collective
First day is all about showing your existence in digital world. It may scare you but it is true. Program suggest us some steps to know what other searched about you and then suggest the steps to overcome/remove your fragments presence. Rather only using google go try for DuckDuckGo, StartPage (non commercial with no interest in collecting info about your searched personalization.) and see yourself what others has searched for you and with what sort of keywords then take tips of Data Detox and maintain it.
Credits: Icons: Dana Zimmerling Illustrations: Ramón Paris /Mozilla/Tactical Technology Collective
We may not know the name of our grandparents but we all know grand search engine Google. This day: Detox asks “Is Google your BFF?” and then it asks what information I shared with My Best friend vs. google.
Google knows where I am, what device I’m using, what I’m curious about, what I’m working on, what I’m emailing people, which bank, doctor,internet and phone provider I use, which other languages I am learning, what I’m learning to do, what I like to listen to, where I’ve been in the past. It turns out the information I shared with Google is so high then with my BFF.My best friend knows a lot about me, but she doesn’t know that much (:0) This activity will have made you realized how back you are with human interaction rather the Google interaction. Then detox suggest deleting such activity that google stores.
Credits: Icons: Dana Zimmerling Illustrations: Ramón Paris /Mozilla/Tactical Technology Collective
Day 3 is some sort of interesting as we, the old user of Facebook have come to the phase of not posting so much in wall of Facebook. This activity is termed as “Context Collapse”,which leads to social media to come up with more features to make context of the wall and people engaged so Facebook memories was born. Facebook shows memories which sometime may found to be not suitable for social platforms. So Detox suggest steps to let Facebook knows what you feel to let it know.
Credits: Icons: Dana Zimmerling Illustrations: Ramón Paris /Mozilla/Tactical Technology Collective
Each time we go for Facebook surfing and hitting likes [now Reactions], we are watering the seed of data building(data bloating ) and letting third party companies know the pages, post I visited and they are using visible and plenty of invisible tracker to know us in better during online life. Detox suggest us to use private browsing, Add-ons and extension usages and little consciousness on using https://rather http:// and more on managing searching/surfing qualities.
Credits: Icons: Dana Zimmerling Illustrations: Ramón Paris /Mozilla/Tactical Technology Collective
You may not speak all the time but your Phones does. From time of switch on: It tries to connect with any signals that it can, which can make our privacy in danger. Generally, we keep our phone name on our own identity e.g.: Mala’s Phone which leads unto no need of telling my name to other strangers and detox suggest to change it too. Not only this, phone is using our location, it knows where we eat to where we went for poop and its data are stored and if anyone knows this sort of information then our life will not be a life with freedom but no need to worry, Detox will make our day 5 learning really worthy.
Credits: Icons: Dana Zimmerling Illustrations: Ramón Paris /Mozilla/Tactical Technology Collective
Date bloating leads to the slowness, more memory usage of the mobile and data bloating contributor is the numbers of apps that we have in our mobile. Its suggest that more than 40 apps shows that we are heavily exposed to data collection and lead to data building. To overcome this detox says “Delete unused and unwanted apps.”
Then here arise a question: Facebook, google are collecting piles of data unknowingly and knowingly then how can one be away from using messenger, Google products and so on?
Detox suggest to use alternative apps but before doing this we can tighten the privacy setting of each apps too. Examples detox suggest are:
Skype, Jitis Meet, Signal which allows us to communicate in similar way but it is free, open source and have non-commercial motto.
Credits: Icons: Dana Zimmerling Illustrations: Ramón Paris /Mozilla/Tactical Technology Collective
Till days 6, we learned that what and how our data are collected through phone,browser,apps and platforms like Facebook, Google and now the day has come to look for Why ?
Have you ever thought: Profile picture of you in Facebook, google are just used to connect with people? Don’t you think it is also used to show advertisement based on your hobbies, interest, event you attained and product you bought. Facebook, google knows what are my likes,what my age, what my views on politics and so on. Facebook knows me better them my girlfriend. Using all these data, Facebook suggest me the product, goods in form of advertisement so in a sense, It looks they think us as a compulsory customers rather than user and detox suggestion comes handy on such issues.
Credits: Icons: Dana Zimmerling Illustrations: Ramón Paris /Mozilla/Tactical Technology Collective
Last day has arrived,Seven days long learning phase (if applied as per detox)
has come to end and as a result it will create new, balanced version of your digital lifestyle. Detox suggest: setting weekly or monthly goals for yourself in order to halt data bloating. Here it offers a list of alternative apps to use and few more tips/tricks to use for better living digitally.
You can try yourself: [clickhere]
And learn the steps to make your life more balanced in digital world and stop the seeds of data bloating in life.
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